Monday, January 13, 2020

Media Blog Reflection

Media has become a huge part of our society and culture today that there really is no way to avoid it. Media effects me in the way I act around my friends, sometimes even how I dress and sends me signals through the shows and movies I watch, the books that I read, and even the music I listen to. I had never really thought about it that deeply before, but after starting this blog, I feel like my awareness of media has really increased and shown me that I'm not as susceptible to these outside influences as much as I had thought. I don't think it really changed the amount of time I spend on media, but I feel definitely more enlightened on the ways of media and have recently been catching myself analyzing ads and other random media sources unintentionally. I think that I have gotten better at understanding messages from advertisements, but even when I find myself getting to the bottom of a certain ad, I still don't feel different about it. I'm not suddenly going to feel an urge to buy a product or feel any less annoyed that it popped up.

I think it is becoming increasingly important that we have more awareness and media literacy. Media is just so impactful on people's lives and I feel that we need to become aware that media is not everything all the time. It doesn't have to dictate what you look like or who you hang out with, and as mixed messages are always trying to find their way through, I think a lot of people get lost trying to keep up or try to become someone they aren't, and it crushes them. Media is such a powerful thing and it can be an amazing resource, but it can also be so, so dangerous. We need to be making sure our younger generations don't get caught up in the difficulties of media and see what a useful resource it can be to people around the world when it is used right.
I think that this blog is one example that is a useful product of media. Even though I was skeptical about it at first, this is actually an assignment that I have really enjoyed and has been really therapeutic for me and helped me expand my knowledge of media. I think it is great as well to start this off in a class environment because there is so much positive feedback going around. This project really had me get a lot more into and more enthusiastic about writing than I have been in a long time. I'm looking forward to media projects and writing again soon.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Misrepresentation: Media Messages

This blog will be about the representation of the female gender throughout media and how people today are widely influenced by what media messages convey and how they dictate an individual's role in society.

All around us today, we are receiving media messages. There is no way to stop it. Through the music we listen to, the books and articles we read, the things we watch, and so much more. Unless we really think about it, I don't think we really realize how much media affects who we are; how we act, dress, who we hang out with, and how we feel. We can admit that we are obsessed or try to avoid it or make any other confession about our relationship with it, but do we really realize how much of our lives it dictates? Every day we get millions of messages that we sort through in our brain and either try to accept or reject. These media messages are so hard to control; how do we know when to stop, or when things go too far? This has become especially hard for people of the female gender. Media seeps our culture with certain ideas and all we can really do is take part or standby and watch. Is there any way to prevent what we think is wrong if it is already so promoted throughout our daily lives? Today, we see the harsh representation of females. Females are objectified and 'beautified', given an image that you have to fit in otherwise you face difficulties. Women can't be leaders or hard workers or role models without major difficulties to get to that place and then suffer some more with backlash. This is something many are trying to fix in our culture, but because of the negative messages from media that go against it, fixing this problem is going to be a lot harder than simply saying that it's wrong. This information is only a small piece of all of the difficulty that one group suffers from because of media, and only a small portion of the topic within itself. Is there ever going to be a day when huge groups of people aren't misrepresented by media? Will, there ever be a time that there won't be an issue with one person because they don't fit into a mold media set for them? Media responsibility is getting more and more out of hand. Hopefully, someday, future generations can see an improvement from this current crisis.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Corporations Blending With Culture?

This blog will be about the views that can be taken on corporations blending with teenage culture and my opinion on whether teenagers are the ones starting and leading the societal trends or if corporations are.

The main questions are: Are the teenagers struggling to keep up with the trends and pressures that corporations have come to press on them OR are the corporations the ones struggling to keep up with and the constantly swayed interests of the teenagers? Could it be both? Is this really just a matter of opinion? If it is, then my opinion is that teenagers are the ones playing catch up to the trends that the media sets out and shows to people as cool. We think that we have started a trend or style or have become rebellious because of our own original ideas. But is it really just the media that has become one with our society and our everyday culture; That has come to the extent that we think we are control of our interests, but really even those are predetermined for us. Are even our rebellious stages and feelings manufactured by a corporation and sold to us through commercials and ads in media? 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Mooks & Midriffs

This post will be about what Mooks and Midriffs are, how accurately I think they portray teenagers overall and how relatable these characters are.

Mooks and Midriffs are mainly representative characters of a young adult (teenage) age group. These characters portrayed by media can take many personalities as a reflected image depending on the trends that are going on on that day in age. Most commonly they are found to be self-absorbed characters that focus on their personal satisfaction.

Mooks and Midriffs portray modern teenage interests to attract this age group. By seeing others of their age interact and latch on to new trends, it is the hope that the audience will do the same. A related question to this topic is: Are the teenagers struggling to keep up with the trends and pressures that culture/society (represented through corporations/companies) press on them OR are the companies and corporations the ones struggling to keep up with and the constantly swayed interests of the teenagers. I think the answer is a matter of opinion and is entirely related to the idea of how accurately teenagers are portrayed by these characters. For those who believe that teenagers are the ones trying to keep up, then teenagers wouldn't be well portrayed by the Mook and Midriff since these characters are inspiring them to be different. But if it's the corporations and companies that are the ones trying to keep up, then wouldn't the Mook and Midriff be more accurately displayed as a way to catch the attention of the people who are already this certain way?

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Seeing the Effects of Advertisement

This post will be about the effects of advertisements I see every day with the people that I hang around.

The other day, I saw my little sister walking all around the house, clutching a calculator and speaking into it. When I asked her what she was doing that calculator, she told me that it was the 'Newest phone eleven'. I couldn't help but laugh. She had obviously experienced one of the iPhone 11 commercials that often come up when my dad turns on the TV to watch something, and it inspired her to become an owner of one (which also happens to be a calculator in disguise).

Not only do I see advertising effects in the actions of people around me, but also in the way people dress. When my cousin came over recently, he talked about a lot of designer clothes he had noticed recently. Talking about Gucci bags and other expensive accessories, I really saw the effects and techniques of advertising at work through brands that he was wearing at the time; from shoes to his shirt that was black and the only other thing on them was a brand name. If it hadn't been a trend that other people (famous and not) had jumped onto, then would people spend so much money on a product that seems so simple?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Appeals of Advertising: Need for Aesthetic Sensation

This post will be about advertising appeal of need for aesthetic sensation, examples of this ad technique in use, and also my personal opinion on this technique.

This appeal of need for aesthetic sensation is an advertising appeal that uses artwork or creativity in some way to appeal to their target audience. Usually when things are lit up, have a huge focus on something, include some wild eye-catching object, etc. they are using the need for aesthetic sensation. If I'm being honest, I think that this is one of the techniques that most appeals to me. I really enjoy, will put attention into, and most likely end up being inspired to by a product with this interesting eye-catching technique that I see in an ad. I love seeing surreal beauty that is often presented in these types of ads. One type of ad that presents this type of advertising technique is traveling companies who present this far away place that has surreal beauty and tells the audience that they can go there with that company's help. Same with any product produced that will make an aesthetic product, like a camera with a picture or a drawing app with an art piece. A lot of new iPad and tablet commercials do this as well; establish what the product can do and show people who use it artistically in their work.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Appeals of Advertising: Need to Feel Safe

This post will be about an appeal of needing to feel safe, and examples of ads that use this appeal; whether the ad is taken too far or is just right to inspire the use of the product or resources that are promoted.

The appeals of advertising are focuses on certain emotions to rope in the company's target audience; those who are most likely to buy their product. One of these appeals is called the need to feel safe. This appeal focuses on wanting to feel safe and secure and is usually used to promote a product or resource that claims to do that. This usually is present in insurance ads. Take the insurance company State Farm for example. I'm sure many recognize the commercials of State Farm for their constant use of examples that occur on a daily basis. Something occurs on a property, to someone's car, or to a person and they say 'We'll fix that' and use the appeal need to feel safe. And this is just one example of one subtopic of the umbrella that is Appeals of Advertising.